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Clip of the week

Dr. Dre (apparently) on a TV show when he was little

Watch as some terrible person attacks Troy Polamalu’s hair

Luckily his hair is insured for $1 million. I’m sure this isn’t real though, would have to be impressive clippers to get through that nest.

At 0:07, a Hockey referee materializes out of nowhere

I’ve watched this over and over and cant figure out where this guy came from!


The tale of Captain Jack Sparrow

My name is Johnny Canuck

An HD short film chronicling the legendary Johnny Canuck, his years of triumph and turmoil, and how they mirror the history of the Vancouver Canucks franchise and their Stanley Cup run in 2010-2011.


Funny Contenstent on Wheel of Fortune

That’s Scott, he’s a dick

Here’s the clip of the week, for you fart-loving tricksters