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Brain cancer survivor asks Stanley Cup for a date

Source: Puck Daddy

Written by: Greg Wyshynski

If Internet video pleas can convince Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake to attend the Marine Corps Ball this November — both having accepted invitations from members of the Armed Forces — there’s really no telling what other dates it can set.

So David McGrath decided to take a bold step ask out another celebrity via YouTube … the Stanley Cup.

McGrath says he’s a huge Boston Bruins fan and a brain cancer survivor. He’s also the night manager at the Hope Lodge in Worcester, Mass., which offers free lodging and support for cancer patients traveling to Massachusetts for ongoing treatment.

As you can see, his plea is simple: He’s going to skate and play hockey for 24 hours beginning on July 30 in an event called Skating For Hope, and is asking the Stanley Cup to attend the event as his date.

(And what a date it would make: Beautiful, coveted, well-maintained and willing to hold your beer for you.)

If Stanley can’t make the date because it already has plans with Gregory Campbell(notes) and Tyler Seguin(notes) during the skate-a-thon, then McGrath hopes it can find its way to Hope Lodge at some point.

Check out more from The Post Game. Calculated attempt at drumming up interest for a charity event? Of course.

Inventive plea from a die-hard Bruins fan that wants to bring some Stanley Cup magic to cancer patients? Undeniably. Nicely done, sir.


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