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‘Breaking Bad’ Season 4 Premiere: What Viewers Are Saying

"Cougar Town" co-creator Bill Lawrence and "Lost" co-creator Damon Lindelof are among those weighing in on the AMC drama series opener.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Breaking Bad is back.

The AMC drama series had its fourth-season premiere Sunday night.

THR chief TV critic Tim Goodman says the show is darker than ever thanks to the “genius” of creator Vince Gilligan.

“Audacious doesn’t even begin to cover what this man is doing,” he wrote. “Gilligan is attempting (and has succeeded over the course of three brilliant seasons) a kind of confrontational transformation that should, using conventional logic, alienate his core audience and not only slay the golden goose but light it on fire as well. You don’t take your main character and make him unlikable. You just don’t. Nobody does that. Nobody has ever really done that to this extent.”

The show was a hot trending topic on Google on Sunday night, and many viewers — including some fans in Hollywood — hit the Internet to share their reactions, praising both the episode and the cast.

Here is a sample:

Cougar Town co-creator Bill Lawrence: “Current talent jealousy, letter “B” only: Book of Mormon, Breaking Bad, Bridesmaids, Bon Iver.”

Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof: “Every potential Supporting Actor Drama nominee for 2012 who watched BREAKING BAD tonight just quietly muttered, ‘S–t..”

Scott Mosier: “Breaking Bad – favorite show on the air. Great – great stuff -”

Nelson George: “Giancarlo Esposito has role of his career in ‘Breaking Bad.’ Very controlled internal performance from actor who was once over the top. Nice.”

Kyle Killen: “Dear Breaking Bad, we give up – The Rest Of Television.”

Shaun Hutchinson: “Very few shows can pull off what seemed like 5 full minutes of silence in one of the tensest scenes in the series. ❤ this show.”

Harry Shuldman: “I honestly got a slight stomach ache from the tension during that whole Walt-pleads-his-case-while-Gus-changes scene.”

Anna Goldfarb: “Can we talk about how that stuffed animal’s eyeball is creepy as helllllll? Why did he keep it?”

Andrea Woo: “What’s great about #BreakingBad? Plot. Character development. Acting. Cinematography. They all deserve Emmys.”

Jason MIttrell: “I believe #BreakingBad featured the first Chekovian box cutter in the history of dramatic arts.”

Sammy Dunn: “#BreakingBad Nothing but Good! Now get back to work.”

Rotten Drunk: “Dear #breakingbad you are the final boss of television.”

Adecas: “The following SEGMENT contains unsuitable content…I have never seen that. So scared.”


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