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Dad waves goodbye to 16 year old son every day…in costume

Source: Mix 96.7

Imagine you’re 16 again, taking the bus to school.  Now imagine the horror of your dad waving to you every single day as the bus pulls away.  I mean, you’re 16 for goodness sake.  You don’t need your dad standing there, making sure you get ON the bus and waiting until it pulls away, WAVING, do you?

Pretty embarrassing, huh?

Well how about if your dad DRESSED UP EVERY SINGLE DAY IN A COSTUME and waved goodbye?

Oh yah. It happens every school day for 16 year old Rain Price from Utah.

That’s 170 costumes.

What started off as a cute, embarrassing wave from his mom and dad on the first day of school, has now snowballed into a full-blown, Halloween-esque event for Dale. And for Rain.

“At first it was shocking and mortifying,” Raid said of that initial view of his dad from the school bus window. “But then it got to be something funny, to see my dad dressed up as the goofball that he is.”

But of course that only goes so far.

“When you see him cross-dressing (Batgirl, bride, Princess Leia, mermaid etc) ,” he told ABC, “you can’t expect a normal response.”

The fun-loving dad of 3 even has a blog “Wave at the Bus” which has received more than 2 million page views. It includes a Twitter feed for comments and now also features a donation tab where you can donate money to what the family is calling “Rain’s College/Therapy Fund.”

So what has Dale dressed up as to see his son off to school?

Harry Potter. An evil clown. A scarecrow. A football player. A giant chicken. A pirate (which Dale used as his final costume, complete with his real, prosthetic leg)

Day 167 was a favorite for Dale. As the bus pulled up, there was Dale, sitting on an old toilet reading a newspaper, waving .

“It came out of the blue and I laughed when I thought of it,” the teen’s dad said. “It wasn’t something you were going to see every day.”

So what does Rain REALLY think of his dad’s daily antics?

“It’s just comedy,” Rain says. “If you don’t like it, get over it. It’s just to make you laugh.”


For more on this story click here: http://abcnews.go.com/US/embarrassing-dad-170-costumes/story?id=13783709


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