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Pizza chain drops ‘Boston’ for Stanley Cup Final

Source: Puck Daddy

Please recall during the first round of the NHL playoffs when the Montreal Canadiens took on the now-Eastern Conference champion Boston Bruins and chain restaurant Boston Pizza got involved in the longtime rivalry by having their 26 Quebec-based stores all change their name to “Montreal Pizza” for the series.

Well, they’re back at it again as last night on their website, the British Columbia-based company threw their full support behind the Vancouver Canucks as they head to the Stanley Cup Final.


Beginning Sunday, the 62 Boston Pizzas in British Columbia will feature this new sign during the Final.

This continues the postseason trend of renaming things in your city that might share the same moniker as the team you’re playing. Predator Ridge golf course became Canucks Ridge when they met the Nashville Predators in the second round. Also in Vancouver, the “Shark Club” sports bar has been renamed the “Vancouver Club” through the end of the playoffs.

Is there anything in the city of Boston that happens to have “Vancouver” or “Canuck” in its name? Does Luongo’s Landscaping in Quincy temporarily become Lucic’s Landscaping?


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