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Homeless man donates thousands to single mother

Source: Y! Daily Buzz

Every day, Curtis Jackson panhandles on Chicago’s streets, collecting spare change from passing strangers. Now, he’s giving the money away.

Since December, the homeless hero has given almost $9,000 to an unemployed banker and her son. When the woman was successful, he says she treated him with dignity and respect. Now that she’s in trouble financially, Jackson is repaying her for her kindness.

The down-on-her-luck 39-year-old mother lost almost everything when she lost her job, including her house.

Without a home for her son, she would lose custody of him to the state. A social worker paid for her to stay in a hotel for a couple of nights. But then Curtis Jackson showed up.

The homeless good Samaritan started paying her hotel bill. Every single day.

“All I can do is get out there and put a sign in my hand, or put a cup in my hand and ask people to help me out, and everything I get, except maybe bus fare and something to eat, I give it to her,” Jackson told FOX Chicago News.

He says that when the banker and her son — both unnamed in the press — no longer need his assistance, he’ll move on to helping someone else.


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