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CFL Draft results

Source: CFL.ca

#               Player            Pos       School                   Team

1 Muamba, Henoc LB St. Francis Xavier Winnipeg Blue Bombers
2 Mitchell, Scott OL Rice Edmonton Eskimos
3 Parker, Anthony WR Calgary Calgary Stampeders via BC
4 Etienne, Jade WR Saskatchewan Winnipeg Blue Bombers via TOR
5 Coehoorn, Nathan WR Calgary Edmonton Eskimos via HAM
6 Iannuzzi, Marco WR Harvard BC Lions via CGY
7 Holmes, Tyler OL Tulsa Toronto Argonauts via SSK
8 McKnight, Brody K Montana Montreal Alouettes
Round 2
9 Turner, Junior DL Bishop’s Calgary Stampeders via WPG
10 Petrus, Moe OL Connecticut Hamilton Tiger-Cats via EDM
11 O’Neill, Hugh P Alberta BC Lions via CGY via BC
12 Butler, Craig DB Western Ontario Saskatchewan Roughriders via TOR
13 Forbes, Maurice DT Concordia Hamilton Tiger-Cats via EDM via HAM
14 Lopez, Hugo DB Toronto Edmonton Eskimos via CGY
15 O’Donnell, Matt OL Queen’s Saskatchewan Roughriders
16 Barrette, Anthony OL Concordia Montreal Alouettes
Round 3
17 Dunn, Brendan DL Western Ontario Winnipeg Blue Bombers
18 Kouame, Djems WR Montreal Toronto Argonauts via HAM via EDM
19 Carter, Michael DB Maryland BC Lions
20 Fortin, Marc-Antoine DL Laval Hamilton Tiger-Cats via SSK via TOR
21 Baillargeon, Pascal OL Laval Hamilton Tiger-Cats
22 Robinson, Alexander DE Western Ontario Toronto Argonauts via SSK
23 Blake, Philip OL Baylor Montreal Alouettes
Round 4
24 Swiston, Paul OL Calgary Winnipeg Blue Bombers
25 Sagesse, Renaldo DL Michigan Montreal Alouettes via TOR via EDM
26 Antwi, Akwasi DL Mount Allison Calgary Stampeders via BC
27 Krausnick-Groh, Alexander OL Calgary Saskatchewan Roughriders via TOR
28 Gardner, Jedd WR Guelph Toronto Argonauts via HAM
29 Sinopoli, Brad QB Ottawa Calgary Stampeders
30 Milo, Christopher K Laval Saskatchewan Roughriders
31 Alexander, Reed OL Calgary Montreal Alouettes
Round 5
32 Volny, Carl RB Central Michigan Winnipeg Blue Bombers via EDM via WPG
33 Jean-Mary, Patrick LB Howard Hamilton Tiger-Cats via EDM
34 Walter, Matt RB Calgary Calgary Stampeders via BC
35 Alexandre, Gregory DL Montreal Toronto Argonauts
36 Francisco, Tyrell TE Weber State Hamilton Tiger-Cats
37 Sage, Yannick OL Sherbrooke BC Lions via CGY
38 Feoli Gudino, Julian WR Laval Toronto Argonauts via SSK
39 Martin, Vaughn DL Western Ontario Montreal Alouettes
Round 6
40 Exume, Kyle RB Bishop’s Saskatchewan Roughriders via WPG
41 Mahoney, Liam WR Concordia Winnipeg Blue Bombers via EDM
42 Hodgson, Chris DL Saint Mary’s BC Lions
43 Knill, Michael OL Wilfrid Laurier Toronto Argonauts
44 Wagner, Jadon LB Brigham Young Hamilton Tiger-Cats
45 Manchelenko, Jared TE Concordia Calgary Stampeders
46 Pierre, Youssy WR Montreal Edmonton Eskimos via SSK
47 Ruttan, Blaine LB Carson-Newman Montreal Alouettes

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