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True North set to sell season tickets for Winnipeg Jets

Source: TSN.ca

Five weeks after NHL commissioner Gary Bettman visited Glendale to declare “time is running out”, there is still no deal apparent to keep the Coyotes in Arizona.

Now a report in the Winnipeg Free Press states True North, the potential ownership group in Winnipeg, will soon unveil a season ticket campaign to gauge support for an NHL franchise.

A resounding response could boost the city’s chances of getting the Coyotes to move back to Winnipeg. However, a poor response could damage True North’s chances of bringing the Jets home.

“There is nothing in the constitution on this,” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly told the Free Press in an e-mail on Thursday. “Certainly, one of the things the board has to have satisfied is that the market is capable of supporting an NHL team at NHL prices. But that can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the market. There is no one ‘cookie cutter’ approach here.”

The NHL bought the Coyotes out of bankruptcy in 2009 and has been trying to sell it ever since.


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