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Compromise goes south/Food&Liquor 2

Story taken from HipHop DX.com

Lupe Fiasco Explains How Compromise Affected

After fan protests and the gold single “The Show Goes On,” Lupe Fiasco tells Complex the compromise to get a release date makes him love and hate his album.


After a standoff with his label, Lupe Fiasco says he has some mixed feelings about his upcoming album, Lasers. At one point he requested to be released from Atlantic, after telling fans he refused requests to sign a 360-deal and make more radio-friendly material. The standoff culminated with a fan-organized protest, after which Lupe and Atlantic Records came to an agreement.

“I love and hate this album,” Lupe recently told Complex.com. “I listen to it and I’ll like some of the songs. But when I think about what it took to actually get the record together and everything that I went through on this record—which is something I can’t separate—I hate this album.”

Despite Lupe’s stated mixed feelings about his upcoming album, the project does have a shot at crossover success. Last week, it was announced that his recent single “The Show Goes On,” was certified gold. However, Lupe explained to Complex that doing the single wasn’t really his call.

“I had to do ‘Show Goes On,’ that was like the big chip on the table,” he added. “I had to do it and it had to be the first single if the record was going to come out.”

To read the complete Lupe Fiasco interview, which also features Lupe explaining how tracks such as “Never Forget You” and the impact the Fiasco Friday protest made, visit Complex.com.

I enjoy a good portion of the songs on the album so I am not to upset, but would have loved to have heard the true album Lupe was going to put out. Luckily we may not have to wait to long to hear that.

During a signing event for ‘Lasers,’ Lupe revealed to a fan that ‘Food & Liquor 2′ is already half done.

Even though Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers has yet to even hit stores’ shelves, the Chicago emcee is already knee-deep in his next project. During a recent album signing event at a FYE in New Jersey, Lupe revealed that the sequel to his critically heralded 2006 debut Food & Liquor is already in the works.

An fan from the KanyeToThe forum took his chance to meet the “Kick, Push” rapper to ask him about Food & Liquor II. Lupe responded, saying that the album is already half completed and that his label Atlantic Records will not be changing the LP’s content.

Q: “What do you think man, how many first week sales for Lasers?”
Lupe: “To be honest with you man, I have no idea.”
Q: “Yeah, what do you think, they’ll be a little more flexible on you with Food & Liquor II?”
Lupe: “Yeah, and the good thing is, F&LII is already half done.”
Q: “That’s what’s up, and they won’t change it up on you right?”
Lupe: “Naw man, we’re gonna be good.”

Last week, Lupe Fiasco put Atlantic Records on blast following the negative critical response to his long-awaited third LP Lasers, saying compromise affected the outcome of the album.

While you wait, check out the Intro to Food & Liquor 2


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