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Lasers Released

Love Lupe Fiasco. Brilliant lyricist. Unfortunately this album was a compromise with Atlantic, but did fairly well, despite everything he had to put up with. Lyrics, as always, are brilliant, but sometimes dont mesh with the poppy beats forced onto the album. Lupe stated in an interview he is looking forward to finishing his contract with Atlantic and going Indie. I for one am looking forward to that. I am also looking forward to an album from the Supergroup “Child Rebel Soldier” featuring Lupe, Kanye West, and Pharrell. Alas, nothing has been stated as of yet and it is kind of hopeful dreaming at this point.

Here is a song from the album: Words I Never Said

Here is a song I just recently ran into off of the Travis Barker Mixtape. Nothing to do with Lasers, but still brilliant.

My favourite comment from the youtube page:
This song should be called Lupe will eat you rapper’s and spit out a punk rock beat. Ft.Travis Barker – ub420


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