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Rodgers leads Packers to Super Bowl Victory

And it’s in the books. The Green Bay Packers edge the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 in a Super Bowl that is destined to become a classic. Rodgers got game MVP and has now tied Brett Farve’s Super Bowl wins ( one ).

Rodgers threw 304 yards, making 3 touchdowns, two of which made it to Greg Jennings, and one to Jordy Nelson (Who missed a good amount of rather large chances, and I believe the score would have been a larger margin if he would have caught the ball)

Pittsburgh made a huge push in the second half and got the score within a touchdown to tie. All was well until Roethlisberger threw what almost looked to be an interception, but ended up being just an incomplete pass. That was all that was need though as it was the 4th down. Rodgers played the knee and the celebration began.

….The rest, was history


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