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UFC 126 is about to be underway

UFC 126 is on tonight and its going to be a good one. Pictured above is a photo from the weigh-in between Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort, two Brazilians preparing to fight for the Middleweight belt.  After Silva weighed in he quickly walked over to Belfort, put on a mask and got right into his face. Belfort, unwilling to back down, pushed back and the jawing began.

Belfort said Silva was reacting to a comment he made this week. Belfort suggested that Silva puts on a facade in public and in the cage.

“I just know one thing, when you say silly things, when you do silly things, it’s because you’re worried and you’re trying to wear a mask,” Belfort said during Thursday’s media workouts. “The way I fight, and the way I am, I have respect. I just need to wear one mask, myself.”

Belfort said he wasn’t falling for Silva’s mind games.

“His actions speak louder than his words. I think he respects me. I just think he wears the mask, trying to intimidate me,” Belfort said of Silva’s attempt to spook him. “He can see it in my eyes. I’m on fire. I’m not getting intimidated by anyone.”

Silva, as usual wouldn’t admit what he said when was trash-talking. He simply indicated that he wasn’t happy with Belfort’s talking.

Also fighting in the Main Card


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